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keys to web success
First Step for web Success | Graphic Design foe websites in Costa Rica.
generate high
quality traffic
Second Step for web Success | Web Developer Costa Rica
Convert more visitors
Into Customers


Web Developer , Graphic Designer & Web Designer
Get the best online presence for your business. If you need a virtual showcase of quality, ID Web Developers & Design create websites through which you can promote: Services, News and Products.
Our Websites are fully updatable. At ID we create projects that allow you to make many additional extensions. Your website will always be current and can evolve with your investment budget.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
(SEO) is the inexact science related to marketing on the Web. The main objective is to receive the earliest possible return on investment with the efficient help of a well positioned website on the search engines.
It should be noted that SEO is not a link exchange (links), not content, nor are the Meta tags or the domain name, but rather is technical and relates to some programming language, and traditional marketing sales strategy.
We are aware that not all sites can achieve certain privileged positions on specific searche engines but fighting with our technical knowledge you can confidently expect a reward.

For this reason, our site is a useful tool for any positioning strategy within the online search engines.

And although there are no secrets of the SEO there are many different methods, some that help and others that hinder the main objective: Positioning your website among the top 10 with online search engines. Online Marketing offers a variety of services related to SEO, all according to your needs and budget.

And if after doing the SEO to you site you still will like to get a higher ranking in google search we can use Google Adwords to guarntee you the 1st position, you will have to pay google for it but we can make it happend!

Domain and Hosting
We will secure your domain and also a space with our exclusive server. The advantage of this service is that you will receive unlimited bandwidth, 10 email accounts, php and apache compability and a secure non- commercial server. Prices start at $100 per year.

Google Street View Trusted Photographer

Choosing the right restaurant or hotel is often tough. Build trust with a high-quality virtual tour that lets people experience your location before they arrive. These immersive, virtual experiences inspire greater confidence among prospective guests and patrons. A trusted professional for hire can help you more easily create and publish your virtual tour. When searching for businesses, consumers use mapping products 44% of the time. Listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest.

site maintanence
We offer sites with control management system, but if you don't feel like updating your site on your own, or if you feel you don't have the time or skills to do it, don't worry we also offer several packages for site maintenance to accomodate all budgets and requests.


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360 Photo

Let your customers explore your business before they visit your location. 360 Virtual Reality Photos and Tours is the best way to enhance your business profile on google maps.

When searching for businesses, consumers use mapping products 44% of the time. On average, 41% of these place searches result in an on-site visit.

Let your customer envision themselves before visiting your business, thats the power of the virtual tours, what at you waiting for, get ahead of your competition!


Here you will find some of the most common questions customers have

"Why would you recommend HTML over Wordpress, Yoomla, WiX, etc?"
We recommend the HTML option because we believe that your website should be your online presentation/business card. We ask you, do you want a website made from templates and a design that has been used for 100 or more other websites or would you prefer an original design that is going to make your brand stand out from the rest?
The do-it-yourself style template websites are made up of a base of templates that one can get for free or for a small fee and then build the website from there by filling in the blank spaces with the content. Usually these do not fit precisely with the content and quite frequently leave blank, empty spaces that leave the design looking unfinished and unbalanced. If you are creating a blog or are making the website on your own this option will be more than sufficient and we do recommend it but we have seen many designers use templates and DIY design sites and take advantage of the fact that clients are unaware of the process, ease and low cost at which these can be accomplished. We believe that HTML coded websites are always more original and also leave the client with the option of changing and updating their content in a far more organised and complete way.
We also know that template sites do not do as well in the structuring and ranking in search engines because of the competition between multiple same-template sites and the way that, for example Google crawlers flag them. We stand by our HTML sites and are confident that an HTML site will get better ranking/positioning on search engines when it comes to compete with a template based website.

"How to find out what is my positioning in google?"
In order for you to get your see what is your positioning on google first you have to go to, pay attention here as depending on your meta market you might want to go to a different one, for example if your meta market is Italy you should go to, if your meta market is Costa Rica, you should go to, if your meta market is the United States you should go to Ok now make sure you are not log in. Sign out if you are. If you are log in with your google account, the search engine will give you the positioning base on your preferences, meaning that if you visit your website daily you will get your website on the first position, therefore you will be trick into believing your website is #1 when it might not even be on the firt 10. If any of the links shows on colour purple it means you have visited that site, therefore google will position it better than the other ones. In order for you to get that off just deleted all browser history. If you follow this steps you should be able to find your real positioning online. Feel free to ask more about this.

"What is SEO?"
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and to accomplish this we use several techniques that we have developed during our years of experience. We begin by taking a look at the competition of the website and the marketing strategy and then we work our magic There is no exact science for the SEO, as Google does not give an exact formula for it, but we are very confident that we can make a significant difference in your positioning if you ask us.

"Is there a way that you can assure me that my business will be #1 on Google when a customer makes a search related to my business?"
We let our customers know right from the start that there is no guarantee of this without using Google Adwords. Once we have worked the SEO of their site there is still the fact that other sites have stronger presence meaning higher traffic, that some sites pay for their positioning and still there are other factors that will determine the ranking of sites on Google. That said, we do our absolute best using our knowledge and "tricks of the trade" to move you ahead of the competition and hopefully into the number one search spot. If we cannot get you there because of these other factors outside our control and that is really your goal you might think of paying Google Adwords to get the number one spot on searches. So the answer is yes we can.

"how can i find out if my site is one of those templates?"
Very simple. Most browsers have an option called developer. If you click on this option you will get a screen with your code. If your site is a template it will list on at least the first 20 lines xxxxtemplate, or wp/template.... or yoomla. For SEO purposes this affects your site because the search engine or "robot program" will read all of the information starting from the beginning of your site. Your site will be an immediate tag as a template instead of how an HTML site is read which is by the 4th or 5th line it will start giving the original keywords and/or instructions to the "robot program" about how to read the site and its content making sure that this information is what it gets first to compare to other sites. This is one of the many tricks used to get better positioning.

"How much will a website cost us?"
What we charge will totally depend on what the client wants. We adjust our builds and services to any type of budget and we want to offer a product that satisfies both the customer and our company.

"how long does it takes to build a site?"
Once our customer gathers and manages all of the text, content and photos we can start working on a design. Once the design is approved by you it may take between seven and ten business days for a basic site to be ready. More complex sites of course will take longer, perhaps up to 25 business days.

"do you make all the scripts?"
Most of the script is created by us but we also use some from open source content. For this reason we can lower the cost of the websites we create. We don't have to pay any kind of licensing as they are free to use online, some examples are javascripts that use jquery, php scripts with MIT lisencing.

"what is a responsive website?"
A responsive website is a site that is designed to fit any screen that it is being displayed on. This is the latest “must have" in web design. You want a site that works on any sized computer, tablet or smart phones. Try to resize our site to any screen size you wish by going to the bottom corner of your browser, click and hold, and drag it to any different size.


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our 3 steps to web success

First Step for web Success | Graphic Design foe websites in Costa Rica.
generate high
quality traffic

In order to generate high quality traffic to your site we will build a cohesive and modern design that we ensure will match your niche, that is pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. Those ideas you have on paper or even those in your head we can combine with our own and make that dream website you’ve pictured become reality. We like to have clean and organised designs and leave out the unnecessary visual elements so that the important content will always stand out. We will also focus on the effective use of "keywords" as this is how your customers are going to find you on search engines. A well directed SEO will make your potential clients find you faster and with much greater ease.
Second Step for web Success | Web Developer Costa Rica
Convert more visitors
Into Customers

Ok, so you've accomplished step one and are getting lots of visits to your site. Now, when a new visitor lands on your website, what is their first impression?
Does it look professional or Do-It-Yourself? Up to date or neglected? Popular or obscure?
It is obvious which of these qualities are more attractive to your potential clients/buyers. Do you make it obvious that it is a business website, where you want them to buy from you or hire you? People aren’t mind readers you know!
We will provide you with strong online marketing strategies to help you sell to your customers in a professional and polite way.

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